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Landscape: Tyrrell Studio

Client: Burwood Council

Location: Conder Street, Burwood, NSW, Australia

Status: In Progress

Program: civic plaza, forecourt, garden terrace, sitting area

Year: 2019 -Current

Won through a design competition in 2020, CHROFI and Tyrrell studio have designed a park that provides a variety of experiences for the diverse community who live and work in the Burwood Town Centre. The park covers the entire site comprising three main spaces; the ‘Library Plaza’ a multi-use civic plaza and forecourt to the library, the ‘Garden Terrace’ which interfaces with Railway Parade to the north, an alfresco edge to the east and the entry to the new arts and cultural centre to the west, and the ‘Library Lawn’ sitting above the new Arts andCultural Centre that provides a protected sunny green space from which to enjoy the activity on the Library Plaza as well as aspect back to the library and city.  

The geometry of the park has been carefully conceived to articulate these 3 main landscape spaces while at the same time, facilitating important visual and pedestrian connections between the surrounding destinations including Burwood Train Station, the Burwood Place Development, the Hornsey Street Precinct, Burwood Public School and residential areas to the south and west.

The Arts and Cultural Centre is a creative destination for Burwood, helping to form a lively civic and cultural precinct, and providing an array of dynamic spaces for the community:

- A sunny cafe that opens out directly onto the public domain

- A large community lounge with informal furniture

- Small studio space for a variety of classes and gatherings

- Two large multipurpose halls with the ability to join into one larger space for talks, art exhibitions, and other community events

- A 200-seat theatrette with a green room, AV equipment and high-quality finishes to host performances, independent film screenings and multimedia events

- Public amenities and underground parking.

The community lounge area is accessed directly from the lower plaza and acts as an extension of the public domain. Users pass through large pivot doors that can be held open on nice days to naturally ventilate the lounge and allow free flowing connection between inside and outside.

A large window looks out onto Conder Street framing a view to the heritage facade of Burwood Public School. Large continuous beams run along the gentle slope of the roof, connecting the upper spaces with the lower and emphasising the processional layering of program that characterise the facility. From the community lounge, users have access to the cafe, studio space, The Marker, and amphitheatre down to the lower foyer.

The proposal engages with the rich history of heritage buildings in Burwood by taking inspiration from the terracotta textures of the Appian Way federation homes and the fine grain brick work at Burwood Public School. The proposal uses terracotta screens, recycled brick pavements, and claddings to enhance the sense of place and culture of Burwood and celebrate and respect the surrounding context.

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